In the UK, we use over 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, less than 1% of which are recycled. This is why First Mile is passionate about Coffee Cup Recycling and we are delighted to announce this new partnership with Cup Print to recycle their paper coffee cups.

What's different about these paper cups?

Cup Print Custom Printed Double Wall Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups perform just the same as a regular paper cups – but can be processed by regular paper processing plants and reused again. These amazing cups perform much better than regular coffee cups which require specialist treatment to recycle.

Why Coffee Cup Recycling?

Through partnering with First Mile, Cup Print can ensure every bit of its packaging can be recycled and kept in the circular economy. This means less waste, fewer emissions from landfill and it helps to save the planet’s natural resources – all of which meaning recycling helps in the fight against climate change.

How are coffee cups recycled?

First Mile’s trucks collect coffee cups from businesses every day and return them to a sorting depot. There, all coffee cups are sorted from the rest of the materials, shredded and baled, before being sent off to a processing partner. Once there, the cups are processed like other paper and fibre materials and recycled into new products. Cups can be recycled into paper, shopping bags, notebooks and cardboard.

How can you get involved?

Click here to set up your coffee cup collection. Each sack can fit approximately 250 standard-sized cups and collections are available across the UK.