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Their Challenge

Based in London, Julius Rutherfoord & Co are a commercial cleaning company. We work with them across a number of sites, including The Design Museum & City University London.

For the last 30 years, their team has been dedicated to delivering exceptional cleaning services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their valued clients.

Julius Rutherfoord & Co serves a wide range of clients with different recycling needs, from historical buildings to museums, and academic institutions, with each business having specific recycling requirements.

Julius Rutherfoord required a comprehensive recycling solution that could be tailored to every type of business, to promote efficient and sustainable waste management practices across multiple industries.

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First Mile's Solution

We set up an extensive range of recycling and waste management services to meet the needs of all types of Julius Rutherfoord's clients.

Additionally, we continue to provide free internal recycling workshops to educate staff on the best recycling practices. By working alongside Julius Rutherfoord, we've helped make a significant impact by recycling more waste and promoting sustainable practices.


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