Royal Opera House

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Royal Opera House's Challenge


Established in 1908, the Royal Opera House is a well-loved cultural institution, who's captivating performances and productions attract over a million people every year.

Royal Opera House's environmental policy states their commitment to zero-to-landfill so they needed a waste provider who could deliver this on their behalf.

The theatre was also keen to monitor and increase sustainability through recycling but required a strategic partner to help put this into action.


First Mile's Solution


First Mile first completed two waste audits to identify the primary waste types produced at the theatre by visitors and back-of-house staff.

Once we gained a better understanding of their waste, First Mile introduced 10 new waste streams to suit their needs. This included compostable packaging recycling to reduce contamination of mixed recycling and improve recycling rates.

To ensure efficient waste management, we created tailor-fit, flexible schedules for timely collections post-matinee and evening performances. ROH's dedicated account manager also works closely with staff to provide in-person training on proper waste management, and provided signage and bin stations to help set the theatre up for success.

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