Joe & The Juice

Food & Beverage

Their Challenge

Founded in 2002, Joe & The Juice now have over 55 stores in the UK. We work with Joe & The Juice branches across London and nationwide and have achieved some great things with them since beginning to work together in 2019.

Producing a range of juices, coffees and snacks, Joe & The Juice is a high-volume business producing a lot of food and packaging waste material every day. They wanted to ensure as much of this was recycled as possible.

First Mile's Solution

We introduced a dedicated Food Recycling stream across their stores, reducing food waste and General Waste costs, as well as providing kerbside sack collections for General Waste, Mixed Recycling, food & cardboard.

We also provide ad-hoc, on-demand clearances for larger quantities of waste when needed.

Results in the past 12 months

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