Waste Collection Services in Croydon

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No matter your business sector, we take care of all your recycling needs. Whether you’re an officeshop or retailcafé, bar or restaurantpublic venue or facility manager/cleaner, we offer recycling services in Croydon that ensure businesses are saving time, money and the environment.

From Thornton Heath to Coulsdon and Purley to Addington, we offer reliable collections seven days a week and flexible collection slots for your Croydon waste collection, ensuring you’re fully compliant with local time bands.

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Croydon ‘Did you know?’

  • The London Borough of Croydon was formed from the Coulsdon and Purley Urban District and the County Borough of Croydon, in 1965. It derives its name from Crogdene or Croindone, named by the Saxons in the 8th Century when they settle there, although the area had been inhabited since prehistoric times. Its origins are thought to be ‘croeas deanas’, meaning ‘the valley of the crocuses’, as it was a centre for the collection of saffron.
  • New Addington, one of the newest areas in the borough, was ancient farmland until the 1930s when the First National Housing Trust acquired 569 acres of Fisher’s Farm to lay out a garden village.
  • Croydon Palace, thought to have been built around 960, was the summer residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury for over 500 years and included regular visitors such as Henry III, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
  • Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, lived in Croydon for 3 years, from 1891 to 1894, before the first Sherlock Holmes book was published.
  • Croydon has over 120 parks and open spaces, ranging from the 200 acres Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve to a wealth of recreation grounds and sports fields sprinkled throughout the borough