Cardboard Recycling

Select from our sticker or bin service for cardboard collection, available 7 days a week

Discover what commercial Cardboard collection is right for your business

Sticker Collections

Apply one sticker to a flat-packed bundle of cardboard recycling – you can secure around 10 to 15 boxes. We'll then collect on a schedule you choose.

Wheelie Bin Collections

We offer commercial cardboard recycling bins for large pieces of cardboard. Place outside your business and we’ll collect on a schedule you choose.
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* Price shown for sticker service is per sticker. Stickers sold in quantities of 50. Price shown for wheelie bin service is per bin + the first week of collections.

What can go in Cardboard Recycling?

Large flat-packed bits of cardboard

Cardboard box removal

Please keep out

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Why set up Cardboard Recycling collection with First Mile?

Easy switch from your current business waste provider

Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week

Amazing support available 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team

Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.

Cardboard box removal

We have cardboard stickers for larger quantities of cardboard and cardboard boxes, simply flat-pack the cardboard, apply the sticker and we'll collect it on a date of your choice. 

Cardboard Recycling FAQs

Do I need to sign a contract for your cardboard recycling?

No, First Mile won't tie you into a contract so you're free to cancel anytime if you're not happy with any of our cardboard recycling and general waste collection services.

Can you offer a Waste Transfer Note for cardboard recycling services?

You will receive a Waste Transfer Note as part of the cardboard recycling service.

This has to be signed to prove to the local council that your cardboard waste is being collected by an authorised London cardboard recycling company, depending on your location.

Do you offer cardboard collection near me?

Yes. First Mile offers fully licensed cardboard recycling in London as well as across the UK.

We carry out our cardboard collection using our ultra-low emission vehicles, from over 27,000 businesses throughout the UK.

What levels of cardboard waste collection do you offer?

You can order a cardboard wheelie bin collection service, or use our cardboard stickers and attach them to small bundles to be collected from the kerbside.

For larger companies who are able to bale and store cardboard, we may also be able to offer free cardboard waste collection or cardboard recycling rebates.

First Mile collects all types of cardboard, from corrugated cardboard to paperboard, cardboard box removal, and even coffee cups, First Mile provides complete cardboard waste management.

Need paper recycling? First Mile also offers a paper recycling service as well as offering confidential paper recycling.

What happens to business waste after you've collected it?

First Mile is responsible for collecting and disposing of all your rubbish in a professional, secure, and environmentally-friendly manner in.

Your rubbish and recycling is taken to our award-winning 'sacktory' in North London, where it is first sorted and source separated to ensure as much waste as possible is recycled. Outside of London we also have a facilities in Birmingham, or work with trusted partners Nationwide.

Recycling is then sent on to our specially selected partners who are responsible for recycling specific materials. Any waste that cannot be recycled is sent to generate green energy - nothing is sent to landfill. 

Do you offer Cardboard recycling in London?

Yes. First Mile is a fully licensed Cardboard recycling company operating our full waste collection services, including Cardboard recycling in London and across the UK.

Do you offer any other recycling services?

We also offer a paper recycling service for when recycling cardboard isn't all of your recycling needs.

Our commercial cardboard recycling service is just one of over twenty business recycling types of services available from First Mile. View our services or commercial waste collection page to see more.

First Mile also offers recycling resources for offices and any other enterprise that wants shiny posters to be beside their bins.

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