Cardboard Recycling Collection for your Business

Any business, no matter the type or size, is likely to produce some sort of cardboard waste and will need cardboard recycling services to manage their waste effectively and responsibly.

This is where First Mile comes in. We know every business has different needs, and that is why we provide two types of cardboard waste collection services for businesses: stickers and wheelie bin collection, both available on a flexible and reliable schedule of your choosing - no contract required!

Available nationwide, we offer a price match promise, comply with local council time-bands and provide all compliance documentation for your business such as Waste Transfer Notes. Plus we offer lots of great service extras such as a 24/7 support, an online customer portal, industry leading carbon reporting and more.

Whether your business needs a small or a large amount of cardboard recycled, you can be assured that First Mile has you covered, get an instant quote & set up cardboard recycling collections online today or speak to one of our recycling experts

Discover what cardboard recycling collection service is right for your business

Sticker collections

Apply 1 sticker to flat-packed bundle of cardboard recycling; you can secure 10 - 15 boxes. Leave outside your business (at the correct collection time) and we will collect on a schedule of your choosing. Perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Wheelie bin collections

Collect flattened cardboard in a 1100L wheelie bin. We will collect from designated bin area on a schedule of your choosing. Perfect for businesses with larger quantities of cardboard waste.

How does pricing work for cardboard recycling collections?

The price shown for our cardboard recycling sticker service is per sticker (+VAT). Stickers are sold in quantities of 50 on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contract required. The upfront cost includes the cost of collection and recycling of materials, documentation and service extras, with no hidden costs.

The price shown for our cardboard recycling wheelie bin service is for the first week of collections (+VAT). The weekly price of collections is based on your schedule and the number of bin lifts. We then invoice this to your account plus a small bin rental fee at the end of each month. Wheelie bin collections are ongoing unless you cancel them, but there is no contract required.  

Once signed up, customers receive access to their
online customer portal , where they can order more stickers (if applicable), view schedules, access documentation such as Waste Transfer Notes, and view recycling data.

What can go in Cardboard Recycling?

Large flat-packed bits of cardboard

Cardboard box removal

Please keep out

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Why set up Cardboard Recycling collection with First Mile?

Easy switch from your current business waste provider. We can handle the switch, meaning zero-hassle or disruption to your collections.

Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week

Amazing support available 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team

Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.

Cardboard Recycling FAQs

Do I need to sign a contract for your cardboard recycling?

No, First Mile won't tie you into a contract so you're free to cancel anytime if you're not happy with any of our cardboard recycling and general waste collection services.

Can you offer a Waste Transfer Note for cardboard recycling services?

You will receive a Waste Transfer Note as part of the cardboard recycling service.

This must be signed to prove to the local council that your cardboard waste is being collected by an authorised London cardboard recycling company, depending on your location.

Do you offer cardboard collection near me?

Yes. First Mile offers fully licensed cardboard recycling in London as well as across the UK.

We carry out our cardboard collection using our ultra-low emission vehicles, from over 27,000 businesses throughout the UK.

What levels of cardboard waste collection do you offer?

You can order a cardboard wheelie bin collection service, or use our cardboard stickers and attach them to small bundles to be collected from the kerbside.

For larger companies who can bale and store cardboard, we may also be able to offer free cardboard waste collection or cardboard recycling rebates.

First Mile collects all types of cardboard, from corrugated cardboard to paperboard, cardboard box removal, and even coffee cups, First Mile provides complete cardboard waste management.

Need paper recycling? First Mile also offers a paper recycling service as well as offering confidential paper recycling.

Can I mix different grades of cardboard in a recycling load

Yes. First Mile provides complete cardboard waste management and collects all types of cardboard. From corrugated cardboard to paperboard, cardboard box removal, and even coffee cups, we deal with it all. However, we ask you to make sure that all cardboard is dry and not contaminated, or we will not be able to pick it up.

Can you recycle cardboard and paper together?

No, First Mile does not recycle carboard and paper together, but we do provide two services to dispose of any paper waste your business may create. Not only do we offer a normal paper recycling service, but First Mile is also licensed to deal with confidential paper recycling if you need to destroy private data.


How do you recycle Cardboard?

Any cardboard collected is sent to our award winning Materials Recovery Facility where it is then mixed with water to create a pulp. At this stage, any residual waste and contaminants are removed.

What’s left is then mixed and pressed, before being put through a paper-making machine that removes the water from the paste before drying the material to make long-paper sheets. These can then be re-used to produce cardboard!

Can you recycle Tetra Pak with cardboard?

No. Since Tetra Pak also contains plastic and aluminium, it will be recycled in a different manner to cardboard. That is why First Mile offer a special carton collection service, allowing you to dispose of any Tetra Pak waste you may have.

Do you offer Cardboard recycling in London?

Yes. First Mile is a fully licensed Cardboard recycling company operating our full waste collection services, including Cardboard recycling in London and across the UK.

Do you offer any other recycling services?

We also offer a paper recycling service for when recycling cardboard isn't all of your recycling needs.

Our commercial cardboard recycling service is just one of over twenty business recycling types of services available from First Mile. View our services or commercial waste collection page to see more.

First Mile also offers recycling resources for offices and any other enterprise that wants shiny posters to be beside their bins.

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