How you can supercharge your festive green credentials and have a Zero Waste Christmas.

It's safe to say that Christmas is going to be a little different this year, but there's still plenty that you can do to have a sustainable Christmas. From buying local to shopping and wrapping sustainably, we've ten easy ways for you to up your green credentials over the festive season.

Being on the frontline in the world of waste, First Mile is only too aware of the vast amounts of rubbish our nation generates, particularly over the festive period. So we want to encourage Britain to aim for a Zero Waste Christmas. It's time to wave goodbye to those novelty gifts and all that unnecessary glittery wrapping paper and start giving and wrapping sustainably!

Did you know that just over half of festive gifts people receive are things they actually want or need, with a good bunch of us, 41% in fact, admitting to re-gifting our unwanted pressies to others. And here's some even more shocking news... Over a fifth of us admit to throwing away a Christmas present that we didn’t want or like without even opening or using the gift. Safe to say, it's time us Brits started re-thinking our gifting ways this Christmas.

Here are 10 things you can do to be more sustainable this Christmas.

1. Recycle more!

Remember to recycle cardboard and make sure you know what your local council can and can't recycle. For all your recycling needs, check out our home recycling services.

2. Reduce food waste

3. Don't buy crackers with plastic toys

4. Reduce your energy consumption and use a green energy supplier. (Check out our partnership with Octopus Energy here for a great discount!)

5. Stop using traditional wrapping paper and replace with sustainable alternatives, particularly materials which can be recycled or reused (view our Cut The Wrap tips here)

Sustainable wrapping

6. Stop sending physical Christmas cards or find sustainable ones like WashedUp Cards which uses plastic washed up on UK beaches

7. Go plastic-free or significantly cut down

8. Buy items that can be reused each year

9. Shop local

10. Buy multiple items together when shopping online to avoid unnecessary delivery journeys

Stay safe. Celebrate sustainably. And Happy Christmas from First Mile!