First Mile is pleased to announce Rewilding Britain as its ‘staff charity of choice’, with the relationship set to see First Mile team members taking part in a variety of fundraising challenges and volunteering opportunities over the coming months.

The new partnership will see First Mile’s support helping Rewilding Britain to catalyse three pilot projects – in England, Scotland and in Wales. These are the first step to Rewilding Britain’s vision to see at least a million hectares revitalised for the benefit of people and nature by the end of the century.

Rewilding Britain was established in 2014 as the first charity in Britain focused on rewilding. Rewilding is about getting nature back on its feet. It means people choosing to revive nature at scale, so it can take care of itself and take care of us.

Talking about the partnership, First Mile founder and CEO, Bruce Bratley, said: “Protecting the environment is incredibly important to First Mile, so there’s a real synergy between what us and Rewilding Britain stand for. The concept of rewilding to restore and protect nature for future generations whilst also supporting communities is an intelligent and much needed social and environmental solution, and we’re proud to be a part of making rewilding happen in Britain.”

Images are taken by Ben Porter

First Mile recycling advisor, Philip Whitehead - the staff member who nominated Rewilding Britain as First Mile’s staff charity of choice - said: “I was motivated to start looking for rewilding projects around the UK and it wasn’t long before I found Rewilding Britain. I was inspired because they were set up to coordinate and promote a number of different projects around the country, especially the Cambrian mountains, which are close to my heart.”

Rewilding Britain chief executive, Rebecca Wrigley, added: “We’re here to show that rewilding can work at scale in Britain - it isn’t just an idea, it’s already happening. In places across Britain and the world, rewilding approaches are reviving nature and human communities, in exhilarating ways, and sometimes at astonishing speed."

“We’re thrilled that First Mile has chosen to support the work of Rewilding Britain, for a different future for people and nature. Together we can explore ways for us all to thrive in harmony with a flourishing natural world.”

Images are taken by Ben Porter