First Mile is proud to be partnering with Kik-Plastic and supporting Kiko Matthews on her epic upcoming challenge.

Proudly Supporting Kik-Plastic

First Mile is excited to announce our partnership with the Kik-Plastic Challenge, an inspiring 7200km UK coastline cycle trek with 76 community beach cleans along the way, led by Kiko Matthews to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

First Mile will be providing Kiko and her team with two of our flagship RecycleBoxes at every beach clean. These boxes will then be filled with beach litter and sent back to our innovative RecycleLab for analysis and data collection. They will then be individually analysed to see what material has been collected, where it's from and its recyclability. We are hoping that the results will paint an overall picture of material found throughout the UK that can be used to educate and inspire positive change.

Our First Mile team members will also be joining the Kik-Plastic team on various legs of their cycle journey and taking part in beach cleans to lend a hand and experience the inspirational challenge for ourselves.

Speaking about First Mile’s support, founder and CEO, Bruce Bratley, comments:

“First Mile is proud to be supporting Kiko Matthews on her Kik-Plastic Challenge. Helping to raise awareness on plastic pollution and recycling as well as educate and engage local communities and the nation as a whole is a cause that we are extremely aligned with. Kiko’s energy and passion for the environment is hugely inspiring. She has a huge task ahead of her and we’re happy to be supporting her in a number of ways to help tackle plastic pollution and combat single-use plastic.”

RecycleBox is a service offered to both businesses and consumers. The box can be filled with hard-to-recycle items or items that are not traditionally recycled through household or commercial waste services, such as crisp packets, coffee pods, compostable cups or even shoes. The box is then sent back to us, where we send the items to be recycled through one of our partners. If there is no easy recycling solution, our RecycleLab will seek to find a suitable end-of-life use.