We’re excited to announce that we've welcomed the Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Harley Street BIDs to our list of BID schemes in London. This is a major step forward for our business, and we're proud to be part of a growing network of businesses that are working together to improve the environment.

We've been working with London BIDs for over 15 years, and we're the capital's primary BID recycling partner. We currently work with 35 BIDs, providing first-in-class recycling and waste partnerships that deliver amazing savings to members, as well as running consolidation projects and sustainability events that help BIDS become green champions in their areas.

In a further boost to sustainability, four in five collections for members of both the Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Harley Street BIDs are made by our award-winning iconic fleet of electric cargo bikes. These custom-built bikes, which can each carry 200kg of waste, work silently with zero emissions, collecting waste and recycling from businesses across London. One bike has the same operational capacity as a 3.5-tonne truck, while saving over 20kg of CO2 emissions per day in comparison.

Penny Alexander, Baker Street Quarter Partnership’s Chief Executive, said: “Our new partnership with First Mile will help more businesses cut costs and meet their green goals by minimising waste and increasing recycling rates. A valuable feature of the service is the unique bar-coded waste sacks which will help provide businesses with accurate waste reports, especially those in managed buildings and will also help to identify sources of bags left on streets. As an area-wide scheme, the more local businesses get involved the greater the impact on local air quality and congestion. We’re excited to see how First Mile can help us achieve our ambitious targets.

Nicki Palmer, BID Director at the Harley Street BID, added: "This new partnership with First Mile is an important step in supporting our businesses to deliver a more sustainable footprint.  We are delighted to be able to bring cost efficiencies to our businesses and I'm confident that, by working together, First Mile and the Harley Street BID can make a really positive difference and further enhance the green efforts of our great business community for a healthier and cleaner local environment."

First Mile founder and CEO, Bruce Bratley, concluded: “Working with BIDs is a fantastic example of teamwork and partnership in action, and we’re delighted to welcome the Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Harley Street BIDs.  It’s incredibly rewarding for the First Mile team to help BIDs remove vehicle emissions from their areas, significantly reduce carbon, improve air quality and recycle more of their members’ waste than ever before.”

We're proud to be working with the Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Harley Street BIDs, and we look forward to helping them achieve their sustainability goals.