General Waste Bin and Sack Collection

Our specialist teams are dedicated to finding value in anything you throw away, recycling everything we can through our award-winning facility, and converting the rest into green energy.

What is general waste?

General waste is simply any waste that's not easily recyclable (i.e., certain types of plastics, food waste etc.), meaning that commonly recycled items such as paper and cardboard packaging do not fall into this category.

Furthermore, waste that contains potentially toxic items like batteries, medical needles, or hazardous cleaning materials shouldn't be put in a general waste bin, as these items require their own specialist form of disposal.

At First Mile, we have the experience and the facilities to ensure that general waste in dealt with in an ethical manner.

We provide two types of general waste collection services for businesses: pay-as-you-go sack collection and wheelie bin collection. Both available on a flexible and reliable schedule of your choosing - no contract required!

Available nationwide, we offer a price match promise, comply with local council time-bands and provide all compliance documentation for your business such as Waste Transfer Notes. Plus we offer lots of great service extras such as a 24/7 support, an online customer portal, industry leading carbon reporting and more.

Whether your business needs a small or a large amount of general waste collected, you can be assured that First Mile has you covered and will send nothing to landfill, get an instant quote & set up general waste collections today or speak to one of our recycling experts.

How does our general waste collection service work?

Sack collections

General waste collection with no contract . Simply order sacks online. We'll deliver, then collect your sacks once full - simply book a collection via your online account.

Wheelie bin collections

Depending on your needs, we offer various general waste bin options. Simply pick your preferred bin size and collection days and time, and we’ll deliver your bin on the requested start date, timing all future collections in accordance with your chosen schedule.

How does pricing for general waste collection work?

*Price shown for sack service is per sack. Sacks sold in quantities of 50. Price shown for wheelie bin service is per bin + the first week of collections. 

The price shown for our general waste sack service is per sack (+VAT). Sacks are sold in quantities of 50 on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contract required. The upfront cost includes the cost of collection and recycling of materials, documentation and service extras, with no hidden costs.

The price shown for our general waste wheelie bin service is for the first week of collections (+VAT). The weekly price of collections is based on your schedule and the number of bin lifts. We then invoice this to your account plus a small bin rental fee at the end of each month. Wheelie bin collections are ongoing unless you cancel them, but there is no contract required.

Once signed up, customers receive access to their 
online customer portal , where they can order more stickers (if applicable), view schedules, access documentation such as Waste Transfer Notes, and view recycling data.

What can go in General Waste bins and sacks?

Any contaminated packaging or waste 
Tissues, napkins, blue roll etc.
Non-recyclable materials
Any non-hazardous waste

Please keep out of General Waste bins and sacks

WEEE (electronics)
Clinical waste
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Why arrange a General Waste collection with First Mile?

Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week

Amazing support available 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team

Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.

Easy switch from your current business waste provider

General Waste Collection FAQs

How do I set up a General Waste collection?

You can set up General Waste collection in minutes online. 

Simply enter your postcode above to see services and prices. Select whether you’d prefer a general waste bin or sack, choose your preferred days for collection, and the date when you'd like your collections to begin.

If you aren't sure what services you need or have more than one location, contact our friendly team who can provide a tailor-fit quote.

Existing customers will need to place orders through their online customer account, or contact customer services who will be happy to help!


How does our sack service for general waste collection work?

Our pay as you go sack service offers businesses flexibility and reliability, with zero-to-landfill and zero-commitment.

Sacks come in quantities of 50, order online and select your preferred days and times for collection. Sacks will be delivered within 1-3 days of you placing an order. Your customised general waste collection service will then begin on the days and times you have selected.

The price you see for sacks includes the cost of delivery and ongoing collections of your waste - there are no hidden fees. 

Leave full bags outside your premises at the scheduled times. To avoid fines and missed collections, please only leave sacks outside at the scheduled times. 

When you need more sacks simply log in to your online customer account to order more. You will receive a link to your customer account once you have signed up with First Mile.

How does our general waste bin collection service work?

Our wheelie bin collections are perfect for businesses with a larger amount of waste to be collected or who cannot leave sacks outside their premises.

Order 1100L or 660L wheelie bins and we'll deliver them on the first day selected for collections. General waste collections will then take place on your chosen days and times thereafter each week.

The price you see online is per bin and for the first week of the general waste collection service. We will then invoice monthly for the number of collections you have had in the month. The cost includes the price of delivery, the bins, and collections - there are no hidden fees.

To avoid fines or missing a scheduled general waste collection, you'll need to have a safe and accessible place to keep your bins that our drivers can easily get to.



How do I get a Waste Transfer Note?

A Waste Transfer Note is a legally required document for businesses in the UK to prove that your waste is being dealt with responsibly and legally. 

We issue free Waste Transfer Notes once you become a customer with us. Once you have signed your document it is valid for 12 months from your last order. 

Once your sacks or bins have been delivered you will receive a link via email to access your Waste Transfer Note from your online customer account. 

Please ensure you read and sign your Waste Transfer Note and keep it to hand, as you may occasionally be asked to show it as legal proof to the local council. 

Are you council time-band compliant?

Yes, we are 100% compliant with all local council time-bands and restrictions. 

Order online and you can select the days and times that suit your business best. We will endeavour to collect at these times, but we will also take into account any time-band restrictions.

Should there be any conflicts, a member of the First Mile team will contact you to find an alternative time that works. 

To avoid any missing a General waste collection or fines, please ensure that you only leave sacks outside your premises at the days and times confirmed. 

Shouldn't I be recycling instead?

We work to encourage businesses to recycle as much as possible - that's why we offer over 25 options of recycling services. 

However, not everything can go into recycling streams, particularly if it is contaminated. For this, our general waste collection and disposal service is for anything leftover that can't be recycled.

First Mile take a zero to landfill approach to waste management and try to ensure as much as possible is sorted and sent to recycling at our award-winning facility. Anything left over is sent to generate green energy rather than going to landfill.


What happens to General Waste after you've collected it?

Once a General Waste collection has taken place, it is taken back to our sorting facilities. Here we sort through all waste to ensure as much as possible is sent on to be recycled if it can be recovered.

General waste that cannot be recycled is transported to our Energy from Waste facility partner, where it's safely incinerated. 

The process generates electricity and heat that power homes in the UK and by-products residues are used in the construction industry.

Is your General Waste collection service available in my area?

Yes. First Mile is a fully licensed General Waste disposal company operating our full waste collection services in every postcode across London and the UK.

We offer General Waste collection service to over 30,000 businesses throughout the UK, using our ultra-low emission vehicles.

Simply enter your postcode to get started and we'll show you all of the available services in your area.

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