We're happy to collect your office Christmas tree in January 2023 after all the excitement is over – real Christmas trees only please as they'll be recycled into chips for use in gardens.

Can you recycle Christmas trees?

If you're a business, simply order a real Christmas Tree collection sack here from £59.38 (ex-VAT), and we'll deliver it to you next day. Then after Christmas pop the tree in it, give us a call and we'll collect it on the 5th, 6th or 8th of January.

Christmas trees must be free of decorations and under 10 foot in height, taller trees can be chopped up before they're bagged. Here's a list of what can and can't be included.

What can be included?

  • Real Christmas trees up to 10 foot
  • Real Christmas trees over 10 foot, but have been chopped up

What should be kept out?

  • Artificial trees
  • Decorations and baubles
  • Christmas lights

We advise ordering your sack as soon as possible so your tree is ready for collection first thing in January. Order your sack and book your collection today!

Can you recycle an artificial tree?

Artificial Christmas trees can't be recycled. This is because they're made from a combination of metal and plastic that can't be separated before the recycling process.

But if they're still in good condition, they can be donated to your nearest charity shop! Artificial trees that can't be donated must be put in General Waste. We operate a zero-to-landfill policy at First Mile, so you can be sure your General Waste has been converted into green energy.

Christmas Tree recycling at home

Some local authorities will collect Christmas trees as household waste, while others have chosen to arrange drop off points, so it's worth checking online.

Most Christmas tree collection locations will be on a specific date set by your local authority, you can find yours using interactive maps.