We all know that recycling can be a simple way to make a positive difference to the environment and protect our planet from the impact of waste.

Many of us adopt some great recycling habits at home - but what about in the workplace?

Recycling in the workplace

Given that so many businesses contribute to the global waste problem, making some positive changes with recycling at work can make a big difference.

There's so much scope for impactful practices in the workplace, such as providing more recycling bins, a better office recycling scheme, using more recycling materials, or ditching disposable cups.

By getting actively involved in workplace recycling, you can help reduce the amount of landfill waste generated by your company and do your bit for a healthier planet.

6 Tips to Encourage Recycling In The Workplace

Want to supercharge your recycling rates and improve your sustainability strategy? We've pulled together some top tips for recycling in the workplace.

1. Clear signage on recycling bins

Wave goodbye to recycling confusion with clear labels and signs for every bin.

Download our recycling posters here. Remember to place them above the bins, at eye level.

2. Provide more waste bins

Bins shouldn't be a basement issue anymore - they need to be accessible and visible to all.

But it's not just positioning you need to think about. Consider the size and type of bins that best fit your workspace.

And say goodbye to those under desk bins - they may be convenient but they do little to boost recycling rates. If you're unsure, ask us for a Bin Audit.

From food caddies and slim bins to confidential cabinets and premium styles, browse our bin guide for all your waste bin and recycling bin needs.

3. Encourage employee education

Make it easy for everyone to be a recycling pro by attending one of our First Mile Recycling Workshops.

These are interactive and engaging sessions (even if we do say so ourselves!) where we teach the importance of recycling and the positive impact choosing the right waste provider can have on the environment, as well as making you a master recycler.

Staff will no longer be wondering what goes where. Whether it's plastic bags, paper waste, food scraps, plastic bottles, general waste, office recycling, or non-recyclable waste - everyone will know what goes in which bin.

These workshops also do the important work to raise awareness of the environmental impact of waste. This can be highly effective in helping to encourage recycling beyond the workplace, something that will create a more a more sustainable future for everyone.

4. Regular Waste Audits

Before you can reduce your waste, you need to know what's in it!

Book a Waste Audit and we’ll collect a sample of your waste and take it back to our RecycleLab for analysis.

You’ll get a full report with insights into business waste, recyclable materials, and eco-friendly business recommendations. It's your personalised guide for better recycling practices - and it could even help you save money!

5. Workplace Recycling Report

Knowledge is power. That’s why you can access your monthly recycling report any time of day or night through the handy customer portal.

Download your Monthly Recycling Report to engage employees in the company’s recycling rate and share just how much CO2 you’ve saved. When you lead by example, you're doing your bit in affecting change that benefits everyone on the planet.

6. Recycling new materials

There's no better way to improve your recycling rate than to start recycling a new material.

Whether it's coffee cups, bubble wrap, office supplies, food waste or how much paper your company gets through - small changes can make a big difference. Browse over 20 different recycling services to find the one that’s going to make the biggest difference to your workplace.

Share Your Recycling In The Workplace Tips!

Do you have any other recycling tips for the workplace?

Share them with us - we love hearing all the awesome things our customers do to boost recycling! Tweet us at @firstmile or send us a DM on Instagram.