Paper Towels

A dedicated recycling stream to create a closed-loop solution for paper towels.

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Sack Collections

Leave your sacks outside your premises on the kerb for collections. Price includes cost of collections. Need more sacks? Order more via your online account.

Why use First Mile for Paper Towel Recycling?

First Mile are pleased to be able to offer a sustainable paper towel recycling service.

We now have a dedicated recycling stream to create a closed-loop solution for paper towels, ensuring they are recycled into new ones, putting less pressure on the world's natural resources.

By diversifying recycling streams, businesses will benefit from cheaper costs compared to General Waste.

First Mile offer flexible, reliable paper towel collections as often as your business needs them. Effortless switch, competitive pricing on a no commitment, pay as you go service - start recycling with us today.

What can go in paper towel recycling?

Paper towels


Kitchen roll

Please keep out


Cardboard tubes

Blue roll 

Wet tissue

Paper Towel FAQs

Do you offer paper towels recycling in my area?

Yes. First Mile are a fully licensed recycling and waste management company offering specialist paper towel recycling in every postcode across London and UK.

We offer general Paper Towel Recycling using our ultra-low emission vehicles, from over 27,000 businesses throughtout the UK

What happens to paper towels once they're recycled?

When you recycle your paper towels through First Mile instead of disposing them in General Waste, they're recycled into new paper towels.

Creating a closed-loop, circular economy recycling solution.

What does a waste management company do?

Waste management companies are responsible for collecting and disposing of all your rubbish in a professional, secure, and environmentally-friendly manner. Not only that, at First Mile we also offer bespoke services so that collections happen at a time that best suits you updated.

Why should I hire a waste management company?

If you run a business, waste will be produced by your day-to-day operations, no matter what industry or environment you work in. This can be everything from hazardous waste and broken electronics, to confidential documents and food waste.

Any waste that arises from business premises must be collected by a licensed waste management company like First Mile, and when you use our services you will receive documentation to prove that you are managing your business waste legally.

Why use First Mile

As one of the leading waste management companies in LondonBirmingham and the UK, First Mile has already helped over 30,000 businesses to reduce their carbon impact with our range of recycling services.

By choosing First Mile, you’ll benefit from a low cost, reliable service, a 24/7 helpdesk, and free monthly reporting. You can also find our accreditations on the homepage and our certificates and insurances here.