First Mile is pleased to announce that it’s now working closely with visionary fitness brand, Gymshark, in a collaboration that will boost Gymshark’s sustainability efforts in all of its offices across the UK.

Known for its innovative approach to waste and recycling, First Mile is supporting Gymshark in working towards achieving zero-waste in the workplace by providing collection and recycling services for eight separate material streams, including paper, food, glass, compostable packaging and textiles.

These services will take place across all of Gymshark’s UK sites, including its Birmingham-based ‘GSHQ’, its Gymshark Lifting Club, and its London office, GSLDN.

To help educate Gymshark’s 400-plus staff about managing the company’s waste, First Mile recently conducted interactive recycling workshops, explaining how to effectively segregate waste into First Mile’s separate recycling sacks, an issue that is of increasing importance to avoid contamination and achieve zero-waste.

First Mile also worked with Gymshark to restructure the layout of its offices, reducing the number of bins, introducing more recycling points and supplying redesigned graphics to represent the recyclable materials that Gymshark uses every day. Going forward, First Mile will also provide ongoing reviews and discussions with Gymshark around wider environmental issues, and how Gymshark can further step-change its approach to recycling to boost its sustainability.

First Mile founder and CEO, Bruce Bratley, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Gymshark. It’s an exciting company that is growing fast, and it’s great to see that it’s taking its environmental impact seriously. Gymshark’s desire for driving its long-term sustainability, paired with First Mile’s innovative approach to making recycling easy for businesses, is the perfect combination.”

René Skytte, chief procurement officer at Gymshark, added: “This year, as a business, we made a promise to our people and our planet. To our people, we promise a culture for everyone, with fair working conditions at a workplace which truly cares. To our planet, we promise to help prepare our environment for tomorrow, by making sustainability a part of everything we do. This includes reducing our carbon footprint and minimising all waste, direct and indirect, associated with Gymshark. First Mile is key to helping us achieve this.”