More and more of us are trying to do our bit to help the environment by using and throwing away less. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. So we turn to recycling, the process of making waste materials suitable for reuse. And sure, for the usual suspects of plastics, cardboard, glass, paper, tins and cans, this is relatively straightforward for businesses and individuals alike.

Yet what if you don’t have recycling services at your fingertips? Or you have items that simply don’t fit into those categories? Like the everyday coffee cup or even the compostable one for example. You may find yourself asking ‘how do I recycle lightbulbs, batteries, coffee pods, circuit boards, used whiteboard markers, the humble coat hanger?’ The list undoubtedly goes on.

From the conventional to the more obscure, simply throwing items in the bin for them to be incinerated, or worse landfilled, is a waste that contributes to greenhouse gases and the depletion of our planet’s natural resources.

For this very reason, First Mile is proud to introduce RecycleBox - a simple initiative that does exactly what it says on the tin (ahem, the box). A post-back box service that makes it super easy to give items traditionally bound for waste, the opportunity to be salvaged and given a new life. Yes, RecycleBox makes it easy for everyone to recycle everything!

As a nation who produce over 31 million tonnes of household waste a year, and in a world where we are fast running out of natural resources and under threat from climate change, we all need to do more to reduce, re-use and yes, recycle.

Do your bit and get started with RecycleBox today at